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TOAD THE WET SPROCKET - Rock 'n' Roll Runners (2021) CD

TOAD THE WET SPROCKET - Rock 'n' Roll Runners (2021) CD
Brand: High Roller
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1. Rock 'n' Roll Runner (BBC Friday Rock Show)         
2. One Glass of Whisky (BBC Friday Rock Show)         
3. Big Deal (BBC Friday Rock Show)         
4. Just Another Game (BBC Friday Rock Show)         
5. Do It for Me         
6. I Never Wanted to be Loved         
7. Baby         
8. Pleasure and Pain         
9. Rock 'n' Roll Runner (demo)         
10. Reaching for the Sky (single)         
11. One Glass of Whisky (single)         
12. Pete's Punk Song (single)         
13. Feel It (single)         
14. Blues in A         
15. Heart and Mind - Part 1         
16. Heart and Mind - Part 2         
17. Charlie


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label High Roller
Released 2021
Box Jewel case (slipcase)
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