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UNREAL TERROR - Hard Incursion (2014) CD

UNREAL TERROR - Hard Incursion (2014) CD
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Originally out in 1986 only as self produced Lp (almost impossibile to find nowadays), “Hard Incursion” is the first full-length album from Italian cult band Unreal Terror, after the mini Lp “Heavy & Dangerous” (1985) featuring Mario Di Donato on guitar (Requiem, The Black).  The sound is highly influenced by NWOBHM, Iron Maiden and classic Heavy Metal. Unreal Terror were considered one of the most promising Italian HM bands of that time, together with Strana Officina, Adramelch, DeathSS, Sabotage and Bulldozer. In 1987 Unreal Terror appeared with “pulling the switch” track on the “rock meets metal vol.2” compilation issued by Uk label Ebony Records. After Gianfranco Continenza (guitar) and Luciano Palermi (vocals) left for Usa the band broke up and bass player Enio Nicolini joined The Black line up, together with old Unreal Terror mate Mario Di Donato and then formed doom band Akron.
 All tracks completely remastered ; 9 tracks from "Hard Incursion" remastered straight from original master.

1. Fighter         
2. Topkapi         
3. At The End Of The Last Chapter         
4. Iron Curtain         
5. Pulling The Switch         
6. Lucy Cruel         
7. Brain Washing         
8. Waiting For The Light         
9. Hard Incursion         
10. Black Belt
11. Ship Of Fools
12. Pegasus Myth
13. Giant Of The Sea


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Jolly Roger
Released 2014/1986
Box Jewel case
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