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ATTACK - Revitalize (2015) CD

ATTACK - Revitalize (2015) CD
Brand: Metalizer
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No words to say about the quality of this work, ESSENTIAL for every real metalhead! Comes with fat 16-page booklet that includes all lyrics, liner notes and great pics!

"Revitalize" wasn´t only a best of compilation, the versions are different to the album versions (re-recorded or other cuts) and got some unreleased songs that are really fantastic and only available on this masterpiece. A german metal masterpiece that was inspired by the IRON MAIDEN works like "Powerslave" and "Number Of The Beast" and alot of german tunes in the vein of RUNNING WILD and HELLOWEEN to their "Keepers" era. Read the reviews, this on is a real MUST HAVE! Take your chance and get your sealed copy NOW or cry later!

1. The Wish To Die
2. Return Of The Warrior
3. In The Gloom
4. Eternal War
5. The Fighter
6. On The Run
7. Wonderland
8. Death Rider
9. Dirty Mary
10. Warriors In Pain
11. Danger In The Air
12. The Time Before


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Metalizer
Released 2015/1994
Box Jewel case
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