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ABBOT - Between Our Past And Future Lives (2014) CDdigi
Debut album for this finnish band, who play classic, broody, old school heavy rock'n'roll, '70s styl..
7.89€ 5.00€
ADVERSOR - Rise To Survive (2016) CD
Debut stuff from young thrash metal band from Italy - Adversor. 1. Echoes From The Uprising 2. T..
6.58€ 3.68€
ALGOL - Mind Fr@mes (2016) CD
The 3rd CD from melodic death metal band Algol. 1. Falling Down 2. Imp of Perverse 3. Ego Shiel..
6.58€ 3.68€
ANTI SECT - The Rising Of The Lights (2017) CD
True legends never die. One of the most influential of all the bands to emerge from the febrile anar..
13.68€ 10.52€
APE MACHINE - Coalition Of The Unwilling (2015) CDdigi
A true four-piece, Portland, Oregon's Ape Machine has been called "a rock and roll band with a finge..
11.84€ 4.47€
ARGUS - Sleeping Dogs (2011) MLP
The classic Demo 2007 has been remastered and represented with stunning artwork by John Gallo (Orodr..
11.84€ 9.21€
BAD ACID - Revelations Of The Third Eye (2016) CDdigi
Bad Acid have delivered a flawless debut album that totally shows just what this band is capable of...
14.47€ 6.58€
BAD KARMA - Death Has No Calling Card (2017) CD
SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present a long-overdue collection of American thrash/speed metal ..
10.52€ 6.58€
BARON - Torpor (2015) LP
'Torpor', the new album from British rock four piece, Baron, is the latest in a long line of imagina..
21.04€ 9.21€
BATTERY - Martial Law (2016) CD
Second full-length album from Battery. Dannish thrash metal! 1. The Rapture 2. Proxy Warfare 3...
6.58€ 3.68€
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) LP
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If m..
19.73€ 17.10€
BEASTWARS - The Death Of All Things (2016) CD
The third album from Beastwars. Sludge Doom. 1. Call To The Mountain 2. Devils Of Last Night 3...
11.84€ 7.63€
BEDEMON - Child Of Darkness (2015) CD
BEDEMON is the first American doom band! Archival recordings from the 1970s featuring original Penta..
9.21€ 7.63€
BELL - Tidecaller (2017) CD
Bell from the capital of Swedish Metal, Gothenburg, were originally started by Manne Flood (drums, v..
13.94€ 11.84€
BLACK MAGIC SIX - III: Brutal Blues (2012) CD
Three albums and 250 shows in 21 countries during the last five years under their belt, Black Magic ..
14.47€ 6.31€
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS - Nothing New - 10 Years Of Fresh Air Enjoyment (2015) CD
A compilation of material which was never before released on compact disc. Contains the two songs fr..
7.89€ 5.00€
BLACK, THE - Gorgoni (2010) CD
New album for one of the ITALIAN HEAVY METAL founder! Art, Music, Mysticism are the essence of Mario..
11.84€ 6.58€
BRETUS -  ...from the Twilight Zone (2017) CD
The third full-length album of Bretus. Stoner Doom! 1. Terror Behind the Mirror 2. In the Vault ..
7.89€ 5.00€
BRETUS - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (2015) CDdigi
Bretus delivers a '70s inspired album with ideas as loud as the riffs! For fans of Saint Vitus, Blac..
9.21€ 5.00€
BUNKER 66 - Chained Down In Dirt (2017) CD
If I ever would pick up a definition for our sound that would be "black speed metal". Hailing fro..
13.94€ 11.84€
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