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THTX - The Flickering Sky (2009) CD

THTX - The Flickering Sky (2009) CD
Brand: Sulatron
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THTX return with a heavier and even more hypnotic album then their previous albums. It's a vast tapestry of psychedelic weirdness, abundant with flangers, bongos, echo units, and extreme WAH WAH action. It won't be too difficult to discren THTX's musical influences on this one. There are traces of CAN, TERRY RILEY, FDEEP PURPLE, SOFT MACHINE, BLUE CHEER, SUN RA, AMON DUUL, etc.. THTX genrally stick to instrumentals, but this time there is a VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR cover with vocals.

Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Sulatron
Released 2009
MPN st0902
Box Jewel case
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