SPIRITU - S/T (2002) CD

SPIRITU - S/T (2002) CD
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Crushing, fulminating and monolithic! Like a kaleidoscopic of all things antecedent, neoteric and precocious rolled up into one big splif, all aural cosmonauts will inhale this deeply.
Spiritu rises from the parched New Mexico wastelands like a second atomic genesis, scorching the blight of weak-ass rock from the land. Melody and crushing heaviness fuse and distort in the metastasizing sun, then divide into an emotive, atmospheric fallout. and in their wake, Spiritu leaves an unexplored yet familiar sonic landscape, flush with the promise of rock'n'roll finally building a better world.

Latin for breath of life and inspiration, Spiritu draws from the most singular rock icons of three decades: Tool, Pink Floyd, Clutch, Black Sabbath. Infectious, ferocious and inevitable, Spiritu is a growing nuclear threat just over the rock'n'roll horizon. And lo, it is coming.

1. Z (Noonday Demon)
2. Fat Man In Thailand
3. Glorywhore
4. Clean Livin'
5. Woman Tamer
6. Slump


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label MeteorCity
Released 2002
Box Jewel case
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