SPIRITUS MORTIS - The God Behind The God (2018) LP

SPIRITUS MORTIS - The God Behind The God (2018) LP
Brand: Svart
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This album, already a doom metal cult classic, saw Albert Witchfinder join forces with Finland’s most ancient metal band and breathe new, heavy life into the genre. Difficult to find on disc for years, this official reissue has been inspected and revamped by the hand of Mr Witchfinder himself.

1. The Man Of Steel
2. Death Bride
3. The Rotting Trophy
4. Curved Horizon
5. When The Wind Howled With A Human Voice
6. Heavy Drinker
7. The God Behind The God
8. Perpetual Motion


Publisher Info
Format 12" Vinyl LP (Colored)
Label Svart
Released 2018/2009
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