HOODED PRIEST - The Hour Be None (2017) CD

HOODED PRIEST - The Hour Be None (2017) CD
Brand: I Hate
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A seminal part of the Dutch and Flemish doom metal scene for over a decade, with performances at some of the most renowned doom metal festivals in Europe, Hooded Priest are now ready to embark upon their next sonic adventure. With a revamped line-up and the release of their latest full-length accomplishment “The Hour Be None” with I Hate Records from Sweden, these doom metal veterans continue their relentless exploration of the dark, the dismal… the heavy.

1. Dolen - Exiting The Real
2. Call For The Hearse
3. These Skies Must Break
4. Herod Again
5. Locust Reaper
6. Mother Of Plagues


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label I Hate
Released 2017
Box Jewel case
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