GRAAL - Chapter IV (2015) CD

GRAAL - Chapter IV (2015) CD
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The Italian quintet GRAAL first came to prominence in 2005 when it released its full-length debut album "Realm of Fantasy" (self-released on Cd and Lp). Since then the band has hooked up with label Bloodrock Records, and two new more productions have seen the light: "Tales Untold" in 2007 and "Legends Never Die" in early 2011. Also in 2013 Bloodrock reissued on double Lp their debut. "Chapter Iv", the brand new album,  is far by the most mature and complete of their discography, underlining a constant and progressive growth. Musically Graal is placed well inside the retro-oriented hard rock universe: few touches of southern rock Molly Hatchet-style, some details heralding a plausible Deep Purple influence, others with similarities closer to Iron Maiden and early 80's UFO, with occasional additional flavorings folk-oriented.

1. Little Song
2. Pick up All the Faults
3. Shadowplay
4. Revenge
5. The Day That never Ended
6. Stronger
7. Guardian Devil
8. Lesser Man
9. Last Hold
10. Goodbye
11. A poetry for a Silent Man
12. Northern Cliff


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Format CD
Label Jolly Roger
Released 2015
Box Jewel case
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