FANGTOOTH - ...As We Dive Into The Dark (2014) CD

FANGTOOTH - ...As We Dive Into The Dark (2014) CD
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Second album for italian doomsters Fangtooth from Messina, after first self-titled and self-produced album in 2010, then released in 2011 by Solitude Prod. Also for this second chapter, musical influeces are well evident, following the canons of traditional doom metal genre, inspired by works of Trouble, Saint Vitus, Pagan Altar, Revelation, Count Raven and especially early Cathedral and Candlemass releases. Hovewer the musicians of Fangtooth try to demonstrate their own interpretation of the genre traditions especially built in the sound, so deliberately dark and muddy, with a touch of epic. "...As We Dive Into The Dark" is presented live at Malta Doom Metal warm-up gig on 23rd October 2014. Bass player "Damien Thorne" also in Bunker 66 (vocals, bass)

1. Funeral In December         
2. Of Flesh And Bolts         
3. No Tomorrow         
4. Memories Of A Forgotten Season         
5. Scylla (The Bitch That Lurks In The Abyss)         
6. The Wild Hunt         
7. Lord Of A Kingdom Dead


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Format CD
Label Jolly Roger
Released 2014
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