ICE WAR - Ice War (2017) CD

ICE WAR - Ice War (2017) CD
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A longtime veteran of the metal and punk undergrounds, ICE WAR is the work of the ultra-prolific Jo Capitalicide. The band had its roots in 2011, under the moniker Iron Dogs, who released two cult albums on Iron Bonehead Productions, before changing the moniker to ICE WAR for its debut 7" EP in 2015, Battle Zone. Now flying solo, Capitalicide quickly set to work and released three more EPs over the next year and a half, and further refined his vision of a genuinely ancient heavy metal attack.

Alas, it all comes to its fullest fruition on ICE WAR's self-titled debut LP. Pounding metal, completely stripped of any modernity - or anything from the last 30 years, or more! - Ice War deliberately shelters itself from the gloss 'n' dross of nowadays "metal," instead returning to the archaic (and anarchic) splendor of late '70s and early '80s HEAVY METAL. No thrash, not even speed...  more

1. Battle Zone
2. Dream Spirit
3. Standing Rock
4. I Am A Prisoner
5. Slayer's Whip
6. Reverence Of Gold
7. We Will Stand
8. Falling Out


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Format CD
Label Shadow Kingdom
Released 2017
Box Jewel case
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