MEMORY DRIVEN - Animus (2011) CD

MEMORY DRIVEN - Animus (2011) CD
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Oklahoma based progressive doom metal band Memory Driven was formed in 2008 by renowned doom metal musician Dennis Cornelius (Revelation, Place of Skulls, Oversoul, Under the Sun, and many more…), who recruited a long-time collaborator, guitarist Chris Greenway, and also bassist David Newcomb and drummer Tim Mansfield. The band was immediately signed by I HATE and the debut full-length album “Relative Obscurity” was released in 2009. In 2011 they recorded their second full-length album ”Animus”. Musically the album is a progression from previous works with current influences in the mix as is usual for anything Dennis Cornelius has ever done. In his own words the music is a nice blend of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains and Revelation. All the lyrics were written by Cornelius and they mostly deal with forgiveness, balance, and how people treat each other. It was his way of clearing the air so to speak. The band truly feels “Animus” is the first album fully realized by Memory Driven and are very pleased with the outcome. The title itself means “courage” in Latin as “Cor” – which was also the name of a band Dennis Cornelius and Chris Greenway were in – meant “heart” and the first Cor demo was titled “Memory Driven” so everything has a connection. In the realm of progressive doom metal, Memory Driven stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of them and “Animus” is arguably the most accomplished recording the band members have been involved with to date.

1. Empty Gesture
2. Die To Breed
3. So It Seems
4. Ava’s Song
5. These Aren’t The Chords You’re Looking For
6. A Tempt
7. Group Departure
8. Black=light
9. Unveiled


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Label I Hate
Released 2011
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