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QUORTHON - Purity Of Essence (2017) DLP

QUORTHON - Purity Of Essence (2017) DLP
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Quorthon was a Swedish musician. He was the founder and songwriter of the band Bathory, which pioneered the black metal genre and is credited with creating the Viking metal style.
A multi-instrumentalist, Quorthon wrote the music and lyrics on all of Bathory's albums and performed vocals and guitars.

Originally released in 1997, Purity of Essence was the second full length studio album released by Quorthon as a solo project.
Featuring 23 epic tracks split across a double CD - this version has been dedicatingly transcribed to vinyl and is available here as a massive heavyweight double LP.

LP 1:
1. Rock 'n Roll         
2. I've Had It Coming My Way         
3. When Our Day Is Through         
4. One Of Those Days         
5. Cherrybutt & Firefly         
6. Television         
7. Hit My Head         
8. Hump For Fun         
9. Outta Space         
10. Fade Away         
11. I Want Out         
12. Daddy's Girl         

LP 2:
1. Coming Down In Pieces         
2. Roller Coaster         
3. It's Ok         
4. All In All I Know         
5. No Life At All         
6. An Inch Above The Ground         
7. The Nonforgettin'         
8. Deep         
9. Label On The Wind         
10. Just The Same         
11. You Just Got To Live


Publisher Info
Format 12" Double Vinyl DLP
Label Black Mark
Released 2017/1996
MPN BMLP666-13
Box Gatefold
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