HORSE - For Twisted Minds Only (2016) DLP

HORSE - For Twisted Minds Only (2016) DLP
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Formed in South London during the late sixties, Horse were a band creating occult influenced progressive hard rock, ahead of its time. Guitarist Rod Roach had briefly played in an incarnation of British psych-rock legends Andromeda before forming Horse with other key member, vocalist Adrian Hawkins. Alongside bassist Colin Standring, the band also featured legendary drummer Ric Parnell, later of Atomic Rooster (amongst many others) and future star of This is Spinal Tap (aka Mick Shrimpton)!

A favourite amongst collectors for many years (with original mint copies today trading in excess of £400), Horse is an album long overdue an official reissue. Recorded in 1969, originally released in 1970 and bootlegged countless times from scratchy vinyl transfers, Rise Above Relics can finally present you with this detailed release mastered and cut directly from the original master tapes. Featuring a treasure trove of previously unheard/unreleased material, For Twisted Minds Only is certain to have connoisseurs and collectors of the period literally frothing at the bit.

LP 1:
1. The Sacrifice
2. See The People Creeping Round
3. And I Have Loved You
4. Freedom Rider
5. Lost Control
6. To Greet The Sun
7. The Journey
8. Heat Of The Summer
9. Gypsy Queen
10. Step Out Of Line

LP 2:
1. Autumn [previously unreleased]
2. Winchester Town / Dreams Turn To Ashes [previously unreleased. Winchester Town later recorded by Saturnalia]
3. To Greet The Sun [demo version]
4. Born To Be Wild [previously unreleased]
5. Picture Of Innocence [demo version]
6. Freedom Rider [demo version]
7. See The People Creeping Round [demo version]
8. Step Out Of Line [demo version]
9. She Brings Peace [previously unreleased original version, later recorded by Saturnalia]
10. Anthems To The Sea [previously unreleased]


Publisher Info
Format 12" Double Vinyl DLP
Label Rise Above Relics
Released 2016/1970
Box Gatefold
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