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CARDINALS FOLLY - Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) CD

CARDINALS FOLLY - Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) CD
Brand: Shadow Kingdom
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It’s only been two years since devotees last drank from the chalice of CARDINALS FOLLY, and now they’re back again with another devastating death-hammer of total doom: their provocatively titled third album, "Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom." Highly anticipated by those who worshiped at the altar of their classic "Our Cult Continues!" predecessor, CARDINALS FOLLOW indeed continue their cult here, pummeling eardrums and dampening spirits with a veritable "Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom." Here, we find a more mature version of the band's ironclad sound, focusing more on the thundering, time-honored grooves of traditional doom metal. You could argue that it’s more of an up-tempo version of old Reverend Bizarre, with an orgiastic onslaught of gut-rumbling bass and feral, fuzzed-out guitars that together draw the listener into the inner circle of the occult. With that ragged-yet-empowering beat, CARDINALS FOLLY nevertheless still find a way to mix in myriad touches of '70s rock and then splashed with a touch of NWOBHM, and all done with their unique 'n' nuanced touch.

1. The Poison Test         
2. Goats On The Left         
3. Her Twins Of Evil         
4. Nocturnal Zeal (Winter Orgy)         
5. Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom         
6. Psychomania         
7. La Papesse


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Shadow Kingdom
Released 2016
Box Jewel case
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