CRACK JAW - Nightout (2015) CD

CRACK JAW - Nightout (2015) CD
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The history of CRACK JAW, founded in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), goes back to the year 1982 when "Nightout" was released in 1985. „New tomorrow" and especially „Never tell no lies" on the LP's first side are typical German Heavy Metal songs with top compositions and competently played. Singer Stephan Kiegerl was not an expert in English pronunciation, but his voice suited very well the untamed power of the songs. So time doesn't seem to have taken its toll on "Nightout", if you listen to the album now, 30 years after its first release. Side two offers you a great hit with "Galley without aim"; "Struck by thunder" is played fast, very melodic and catchy, and the album is rounded off with "Seven days of wonder". "Nightout" is no doubt a forgotten classic of Heavy Metal, now for the first time on CD with the original excellent sound.

1. The Change
2. Nightout
3. Make Me Believe
4. New Tomorrow
5. Never Tell No Lie
6. Saracen
7. Danger
8. Galley Without Aim
9. Struck By Thunder
10. Seven Days Of Wonder
11. Helluva Sound
12. Still Wanna Rock
13. Breaking The Oath


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Karthago
Released 2015/1985
MPN KR091-HMC027
Box Jewel case
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