DAWN HAWK - S/T (2015) CD

DAWN HAWK - S/T (2015) CD
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DAWN HAWK from Essen/Germany are known to all collectors of rarities because of their extremely hard to get same-titled album from 1990. The brilliant cover artwork, which shows a bird of prey, is an additional appeal to find this album.

1990 was not a good time for LPs and for traditional Heavy Metal. This does not change the quality of the material but Grunge had become a favourite with the masses and pure Heavy Metal was not interesting any more. Songs like “Running Wild” or “Nighthawk” are especially outstanding on DAWN HAWK’s debut album. “Into the Night” and “Freedom” are two good ballads, which can be found in final, better versions on the following album “Judas”.

Frank Noak’s strangely nasal voice gave the band an original touch, which can be heard in “Love is Truth”, another very strong ballad. The bonus tracks on this Karthago Classics CD are some very successful songs like “Win or Lose” or “Raised by Wolves”, released for the first time, and exclusively on this CD!

1. Here We Are
2. Running Wild
3. Flying High
4. Never
5. Freedom
6. Love Is Blind
7. Going Crazy
8. Into The Night
9. Berlin
10. Nighthawk
11. Raised By Wolves
12. Dragon Tears
13. Love Is Truth
14. Warning
15. Win Or Lose
16. It Will Get You


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Karthago
Released 2015/1990
MPN KR082-HMC021
Box Jewel case
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