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HEADSTONE - Burning Ambition (2013) CD

HEADSTONE - Burning Ambition (2013) CD
Brand: Karthago
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HEADSTONE from Oberammergau (Germany) are active now for 30 years. Their first album “Burning ambition” was recorded at the Donna Summer-studios in Munich, but because it was a bit odd and peculiar it was not appreciated by the general public. It nevertheless offers everything that fans of early German Heavy Metal will love but will never be able to afford on vinyl: elaborate song-structures, catchy melody lines, a very powerful vocalist (Harry Liebhäuser before he went to VETO) and a slight 70s touch. Exactly the stuff that fans still adore and the press still hates. Even the lyrics were very ambitious (there are even some songs sung in German, one of them the brilliant “Wolkenkind”).

There is some influence of German “Krautrock” – but on a very high level -, not least because of Michael Brieger, who is known not only for his music but also for his poetry. He was also active on the second album “Excalibur” (1985), which is very rare today but is not quite as strong as the first one because Harry Liebhäuser had left the band. This was all 30 years ago, and all who remember those times will adore “Burning ambition” (in typical opulent Karthago-style with bonus-tracks).

1. Nightmare
2. Deadly Shades
3. Wolkenkind
4. Weißer Donner
5. Still Of The Race
6. Kings Elephants
7. Burnt In Ice     
8. Black Angels
9. Skyline Of Rock
10. Burning Ambition
11. Queen Of Dreams
12. Waller
13. Wacht In Weltengang


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Karthago
Released 2013/1984
MPN KR059 / HMC 002
Box Jewel case
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