IRON BASTARDS - Fast & Dangerous (2016) CD

IRON BASTARDS - Fast & Dangerous (2016) CD
Brand: F.D.A. Rekotz
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Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock'n'roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed. A fast music by unstoppable rockers.

1. Fast & Dangerous
2. The Code Is Red     
3. Rock 'o Clock     
4. The Princess & The Frog     
5. Out Of Control     
6. The Wise Man     
7. Born On The Worn Side     
8. Sarcasm
9. Ballbreaker Number One     
10. The Snake Is The Sky
11. Vintage Riders


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label FDA Rekotz
Released 2016
Box Jewel case
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