FATALIST - The Bitter End (2016) CD

FATALIST - The Bitter End (2016) CD
Brand: F.D.A. Rekotz
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Hailing from California/USA the Swe-Death Metal worshippers are back with their first „real“ album. Remember, the debut „The Depths Of Inhumanity“ included just re-recorded demo songs.

On „The Bitter End“ you'll enjoy very brutal, authentic and catchy Death Metal with passion in the vein of DISMEMBER, NIHILIST/ early ENTOMBED and the other good old ones from the end 80's, early 90's Swedish scene. Listen to „The Bitter End“ , close your eyes and hit the train to a journey back in time, full of filth, blood, leather, spikes and rotten Death Metal tunes !

1. Aberration
2. Bloodfest
3. Coloured Red
4. Devoured     
5. Fear Of Death
6. A Hollowed Shell Of The Body
7. In Diluted Thoughts
8. Suicidal Aftermath
9. Symphony Of Chaos
10. The Bitter End
11. Tortured Existence


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label FDA Rekotz
Released 2016
Box Jewel case
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