TALON - Neutralized (2013) CD

TALON - Neutralized (2013) CD
Brand: TopX Music
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Great re-release of this german metal gem. Comes with 8-page booklet that includes the lyrics and alot of great photos and rare pictures (concert advertise for christmas metal meeting where they payed with bands like MOTÖRHEAD, MERCYFUL FATE, GIRLSCHOOL and HELIX!!). A real MUST HAVE for every fan and collector! Also the CD carries a 2013 bonustrack! BUY OR DIE!

1. Hatred Grows Slowly
2. Neutralized
3. Victims Of Suicide
4. Backlash
5. Time Could Not Heal
6. Overlords Supreme
7. To The Bitter Dregs
8. Hotter Than A 1000 Suns
9. Preacher Of Evil
10. Gale Warnings
11. Sowing The Dragon's Seed


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label TopX Music
Released 2013/1984
MPN TX 66732
Box Jewel case
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