AXTON PRYTE - The Lab (2016) CD

AXTON PRYTE - The Lab (2016) CD
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“The Lab” was originally private released as a 12” vinyl EP back in 1986. AXTON PRYTE was a French Heavy Metal much different from the other ones that ruled the French metal scene of the 80s. AXTON PRYTE were more alike with the Heavy and Power metal bands from the United States, and that made them distinguish from the other bands of their country.
Now, AXTON PRYTE’s “The Lab” is released for first time officially on CD format including 5 bonus tracks, remastered.

1. Suicidal Flight
2. Warriors Of The Wind
3. Eternal Recital
4. Catch The Windblow
5. Inquisition
6. Axton Pryte
7. Ys
8. Inquisition
9. Fight For Your Right
10. Lady In White


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label No Remorse
Released 2016/1986
MPN 0744430521376
Box Jewel case
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