BLACK CAPRICORN - Cult Of Black Friars (2015) CD

BLACK CAPRICORN - Cult Of Black Friars (2015) CD
Brand: Blood Rock
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Two witches and one warlock from Cagliari, Italy, make up Black Capricorn, and between them they create slow, swirling doom metal that is dark and relentless. 'Cult Of Black Friars' is often hypnotising - the fuzzy guitars of Fabrizio Monni crawl along with a creeping insistence, while his vocals are grim and echoing.

1. Atomium         
2. The Cult Of Black Friars         
3. Hammer Of The Witches         
4. Riding The Devil's Horses         
5. Animula Dagula Biandula         
6. Cat People         
7. From The Abyss         
8. Arcane Sorcerer         
9. To The Shores Of Distant Stars


Publisher Info
Format CD
Label Stallion Rex / Blood Rock
Released 2015/2014
MPN SSR 013 / BRRCD 025
Box Jewel case
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