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POSSESSED - Beyond The Gates (2015) LP

POSSESSED - Beyond The Gates (2015) LP
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When Possessed’s second release „Beyond The Gates” came out in 1986, the album received mixed reactions by fans and media. The main point of criticism were not the songs but the sound and the production of the album. If you listen to “Beyond The Gates”, you can hear all the ingredients that had already made the debut album “Seven Churches” a classic: Jeff Becerra’s guttural and sinister vocals, Larry Lalonde’s and Mike Torrao’s shredding guitars and Mike Sus’ pounding drums. Again preluded by a portentous intro, the following 35 minutes provided another chop of unholy, raw, aggressive, yet a bit more technical Thrash Metal.

Following the release of “Beyond the Gates”, Possessed toured Europe for the first time for a total of three and a half weeks with support from Voivod and Deathrow. After that, Possessed returned to the United States to tour with Dark Angel. “We had a great time,“ Jeff Becerra remembers in an interview with German cult fanzine Voices From The Darkside. “I think that both the European tour and the States were both great tours, they were hard road trips, but extremely worth while and they did a lot to get our band known.”

Unfortunately, the true class of “Beyond the Gates” has always been hidden behind the muddy sound by producer Carl Canedy (The Rods), who did not not manage to capture the elemental force and raw energy – especially of the guitars and drums – that had rocketed Possessed to the peak of the Extreme Metal movement. Exclusively for the re-release of “Beyond the Gates” on High Roller Records, producer Patrick Engel (Temple of Disharmony studios, i.a. Desaster, Heaven Shall Burn) has laid his hands on the recordings and brought out the best sound of all available version of the album to date.

Addionally, the re-release of “Beyond The Gates” on High Roller Records comes with the original fold-out cover (artwork by Ed Repka), just as the original version of the album on Combat Records.

Sebastian Thiel

Publisher Info
Format 12" Vinyl LP (Black)
Label High Roller
Released 2015/1986
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