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ABYSMAL GRIEF - Reveal Nothing... (2016) CD
Kolekcja singli wydanych pomiędzy 2000, a 2012 rokiem. 1. Cursed Be The Rite 2. Exsequia Occulta..
ABYSMAL GRIEF - Strange Rites Of Evil (2015) CD
Abysmal Grief have returned from the grave with their fourth full length album entitled “Strange Rit..
ALTAR OF OBLIVION - Barren Grounds (2016) MCD
It's been four very long years since ALTAR OF OBLIVION's landmark Grand Gesture of Defiance, but the..
ARROWHEAD - Desert Cult Ritual (2015) CDdigi
The 2nd from Arrowhead. Stoner rock! 1. Desert Cult Ritual 2. Hypnotiser 3. Hell Fire 4. Bone ..
BAD ACID - Revelations Of The Third Eye (2016) CDdigi
Bad Acid have delivered a flawless debut album that totally shows just what this band is capable of...
BATHSHEBA - Servus (2017) CDdigi
From the depths of the black charcoal mountains rises the Belgian band BATHSHEBA. Fronted by She..
BLACK OATH - Litanies In The Dark (2016) MCD
Najnowsze wydawnictwo Black Oath to czteroutworowa epka zawierająca nieopublikowane wcześniej utwory..
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS - Nothing New - 10 Years Of Fresh Air Enjoyment (2015) CD
A compilation of material which was never before released on compact disc. Contains the two songs fr..
BOOK OF WYRMS - Sci​-​fi​/​Fantasy (2017) CDdigi
Debut album from Book of Wyrms. 1. Leatherwing Bat 2. Infinite Walrus 3. Cosmic Filth 4. Night..
BUS - The Unknown Secretary (2016) CDdigi
Great album from BUS. Heavy, hard rock, doom. 1. Fallen 2. Masteroid 3. New Black Volume 4. Fo..
CARDINALS FOLLY - Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) CD
It’s only been two years since devotees last drank from the chalice of CARDINALS FOLLY, and now they..
CRACK JAW - Nightout (2015) CD
The history of CRACK JAW, founded in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), goes back to the year 1982 when "Nigh..
DARK THARR - S/T (2013) CDdigi
Debut full-length album from German Dark Tharr. Sludge/doom. 1. Endless Void 2. You Will Never S..
DARKNESS - The Gasoline Solution (2016) CD
Darkness is back! First album since 1989. German thrash metal! 1. Tinkerbell Must Die 2. Another..
DARKNËSS - The Ultimate Prophecy (2015) DCD
DARKNËSS was performing a truly authentic and often epic Heavy Metal, in the tradition of the legend..
DAWN HAWK - S/T (2015) CD
DAWN HAWK from Essen/Germany are known to all collectors of rarities because of their extremely ha..
DEMON INCARNATE - Darvaza (2016) MCD
Demon Incarnate are back with their brandnew 6 track mini-album named „DARVAZA“. The musical gate to..
EVIL SPIRIT - Cauldron Messiah (2016) CD
Debut of Evil Spirit. Doom Death. 1. Intro (Him The Almighty Power)      &nbs..
FATALIST - The Bitter End (2016) CD
Hailing from California/USA the Swe-Death Metal worshippers are back with their first „real“ album. ..
FOX 45 - Ashes of Man (2016) CDdigi
First full-length album from Fox 45. Stoner Rock! 1. Doominati 2. Coup d'étwat 3. Necromancing ..
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