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ABYSMAL GRIEF - Blasphema Secta (2018) CDdigi
1. Intro (The Occult Lore) 2. Behold The Corpse Revived 3. Maleficence 4. Witchlord 5. When Dark..
ACOLYTES OF MOROS - The Wellspring (2018) CD
The debut album of the Swedish doom metal trio presents universal astral might that pushes the bound..
ALTAR OF OBLIVION - Barren Grounds (2016) MCD
It's been four very long years since ALTAR OF OBLIVION's landmark Grand Gesture of Defiance, but the..
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - From Gold To Ash (2018) CD
Brand new stuff from Apostle of Solitude. Doom! 1. Overlord 2. My Heart Is Leaving Here 3. Autu..
ARGUS - Sleeping Dogs (2011) MLP
The classic Demo 2007 has been remastered and represented with stunning artwork by John Gallo (Orodr..
12€ 9€
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) CD
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If m..
BEELZEFUZZ - S/T (2013) CDdigi
The first full-length album from American Beelzefuzz. 1. Reborn 2. Lotus Jam 3. All The Feeling..
BLACK OATH - Behold The Abyss (2018) CD
1. Behold The Abyss 2. Chants Of Arabia 3. Lilith Black Moon 4. Once Death Sang 5. Profane Savio..
BLACK OATH - Litanies In The Dark (2016) MCDdigi
1. ... From Here 2. Funeral Alchemy 3. Reincarnation Of The Highway Cavalier 4. A Song To Die Wit..
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS - Nothing New - 10 Years Of Fresh Air Enjoyment (2015) CD
A compilation of material which was never before released on compact disc. Contains the two songs fr..
8€ 5€
BLIZARO - Cornucopia Della Morte (2016) CD
John Gallo, the unsung American master of horror doom, is back with the long-awaited sophomore album..
BRETUS - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (2015) CDdigi
Bretus delivers a '70s inspired album with ideas as loud as the riffs! For fans of Saint Vitus, Blac..
9€ 5€
CARDINALS FOLLY - Deranged Pagan Sons (2017) CD
CARDINALS FOLLY to unleash 4th album "Deranged Pagan Sons". Dabbling in the world of occultism, w..
CARDINALS FOLLY - Deranged Pagan Sons (2017) LP
CARDINALS FOLLY to unleash 4th album "Deranged Pagan Sons". Dabbling in the world of occultism, w..
CARDINALS FOLLY - Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) CD
It’s only been two years since devotees last drank from the chalice of CARDINALS FOLLY, and now they..
CONDENADOS - The Tree of Death (2017) CD
It's been five long years since CONDENADOS' cult debut album for SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS, A Painful J..
CONTRA - Deny Everything (2017) CDdigi
1. Human Buzzsaw 2. Snake Goat 3. Altered Beast 4. The Gorgon 5. Humanoid Therapy 6. Son of Bea..
CRUTHU - The Angle Of Eternity (2017) CD
Debut full-length album from doom metalers Cruthu. 1. Bog Of Kildare 2. Lady In The Lake 3. Sea..
14€ 9€
DARK THARR - S/T (2013) CDdigi
Debut full-length album from German Dark Tharr. Sludge/doom. 1. Endless Void 2. You Will Never S..
8€ 4€
DAWN OF WINTER - Pray For Doom (2018) CD
1. A Dream Within A Dream 2. The Thirteenth Of November 3. Woodstock Child 4. The Sweet Taste Of ..
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