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AIR RAID - Across The Line (2017) LP
Air Raid from Gothenburg in Sweden were formed in 2009 by guitarist Andreas Johansson. After a two-t..
ANGEL DUST - Into The Dark Past (2016) LP
The best Speed Metal album that ever came out of Germany! Reissue of the classic 1985 album. Special..
ARGUS - Sleeping Dogs (2011) MLP
The classic Demo 2007 has been remastered and represented with stunning artwork by John Gallo (Orodr..
11.84€ 9.21€
BARON - Torpor (2015) LP
'Torpor', the new album from British rock four piece, Baron, is the latest in a long line of imagina..
21.04€ 9.21€
BATHORY - S/T (1984) LP
Bathory was formed in Stockholm in 1983. Founder Quorthon, a seventeen-year-old guitarist, was joine..
BATHORY - The Return...... (1985) LP
The 2nd album from Bathory! 1. Revelation Of Doom 2. Total Destruction 3. Born For Burning 4. ..
BATHORY - Twilight Of The Gods (1991) DLP
Twilight of the Gods is the sixth album by Bathory. It continues the exploration of the newly create..
BATHSHEBA - The Sleepless Gods (2015) MLP
Out of the ashes of the Belgian coalmines arises the congregation of Bathsheba. A collective of f..
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) LP
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If m..
19.73€ 17.10€
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity (2018) DLP
Without British metal bands such as Raven, Satan, Jaguar and Blitzkrieg there would never have been ..
BOG OAK - A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife (2014) MLP
Bog Oak are a fuzz-drenched blackened doom outfit from California formed in May of 2013. Their ..
BUNKER 66 - Chained Down In Dirt (2017) LP
If I ever would pick up a definition for our sound that would be "black speed metal". Hailing fro..
17.10€ 14.47€
CARDINAL WYRM - Black Hole Gods (2014) DLP
Cardinal Wyrm is a three-piece band from the Bay Area. Their music is rooted in traditional, ep..
10.52€ 7.63€
CARDINAL WYRM - Cast Away Souls (2016) LP
Following their critically acclaimed 2015 release Black Hole Gods, California doom trio Cardinal Wyr..
11.84€ 9.21€
CARDINALS FOLLY - Deranged Pagan Sons (2017) LP
CARDINALS FOLLY to unleash 4th album "Deranged Pagan Sons". Dabbling in the world of occultism, w..
14.47€ 10.26€
CLOVEN HOOF - Dominator (2017) LP
Midlands outfit Cloven Hoof must rate as one of the most legendary bands of the entire New Wave Of B..
18.41€ 17.10€
"Cloven Hoof", released in 1984, is the first full-length studio album by the British heavy metal ba..
18.41€ 15.52€
CLOVEN HOOF - Who Mourns For The Morning Star (2017) LP
7th full-length album from Cloven Hoof! 1. Star Rider 2. Song Of Orpheus 3. I Talk To The Dead ..
CONDOR - Unstoppable Power (2017) LP
It’s all in the name – and that’s especially true for Norwegian black-thrash hopefuls Condor. The th..
DEAD WITCHES - Ouija (2017) LP
The debut-album by Dead Witches is full of doomy slow grooves, occult riffing, classic doom drumming..
20.78€ 17.10€
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