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ACCUSER - Who Dominates Who? (2016) LP
Classic German Thrash Metal. An overdose of sharp riffs and pure Teutonic Thrash! 1. Master Of Di..
ARABS IN ASPIC - Syndenes Magi (2017) LP
"Syndenes magi" is the 6th release from Norwegian progressive rock band Arabs in Aspic. Focusing on ..
ARGUS - Sleeping Dogs (2011) MLP
The classic Demo 2007 has been remastered and represented with stunning artwork by John Gallo (Orodr..
12€ 9€
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) LP
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If m..
BOLT THROWER - In Battle There Is No Law (2011) LP
In Battle There Is No Law is the debut album of Bolt Thrower. It is recorded at Loco studios by Andr..
CC COMPANY - S/T (2013) EP
8€ 7€
CC COMPANY - The Red Baron (2014) EP
8€ 7€
CLOUD CATCHER - Trails Of Kozmic Dust (2017) LP
Debut album from Cloud Catcher. Psychedelic rock. 1. Astral Warlord 2. Celestial Empress 3. Bey..
CLUTCH - The Elephant Riders (2016) DLP
"The Elephant Riders" is the third full-length album by rock band Clutch. It was produced by Jack Do..
CRUEL FORCE - The Rise Of Satanic Might (2016) LP
-Witches Curse -Satanic Might -Forces of Hades -Leather and Metal -Necromansy -Deathstrike -Vi..
CRUEL FORCE - Under The Sign Of The Moon (2016) LP
-De Ventus Mahemium -Infernal Winds -Black Witch of Doom -Obscure Evil -Under the Sign of the Mo..
DEAD HEAD - Swine Plague (2017) LP
Glorious return, Dead Head shows you how thrash metal should be executed! Aaaaarrrgghhhh! Dead Head ..
DEAD WITCHES - Ouija (2017) LP
The debut-album by Dead Witches is full of doomy slow grooves, occult riffing, classic doom drumming..
DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns (2017) LP
DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuld..
DEATHTRIP, THE - Deep Drone Master (2014) LP
'Deep Drone Master', the debut album from The Deathtrip, marks the return of Aldrahns' (ex-Dodheimsg..
DESASTER - The Oath Of An Iron Ritual (2016) LP
Desaster need no introduction, really, they don’t! And with “The Oath Of An Iron Ritual” the Koblenz..
DESTRUCTION - Cracked Brain (2017) LP
“Cracked Brain” from 1990 and the eponymous single from the same year mark the beginning of a new pe..
DESTRUCTION - Eternal Devastation (2017) LP
“Eternal Devastation” is Destruction’s second full-length album. Released in 1986, it showed a band ..
DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill (2017) LP
“Infernal Overkill”, the much loved debut album by German thrash metal legend Destruction was first ..
DESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher (2017) MLP
Destruction's second EP “Mad Butcher” first came out in 1987 via Steamhammer; here Destruction’s now..
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