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ACID WITCH - Evil Sound Screamers (2017) CD
Although their catalog is relatively sparse, ACID WITCH should need no introduction. It's been seven..
ACOLYTES OF MOROS - The Wellspring (2018) CD
The debut album of the Swedish doom metal trio presents universal astral might that pushes the bound..
ADVERSOR - Rise To Survive (2016) CD
Debut stuff from young thrash metal band from Italy - Adversor. 1. Echoes From The Uprising 2. T..
ADZALAAN - Into Vermilion Mirrors (2018) CD
Adzalaan’s debut CD, Into Vermilion Mirrors thrusts the project beyond a standalone solo working of ..
AIR RAID - Across The Line (2017) CD
Air Raid from Gothenburg in Sweden were formed in 2009 by guitarist Andreas Johansson. After a two-t..
ALUNAH - Solennial (2017) CDdigi
Alunah’s fourth album ‘Solennial’, which will be released on 17th March 2017 via Svart Records, is..
ASCENDED DEAD - Abhorrent Manifestation (2017) CD
Surprisingly born under San Diego’s sun, Ascended Dead are nevertheless as ugly as it can be: not by..
BAD ACID - Revelations Of The Third Eye (2016) CDdigi
Bad Acid have delivered a flawless debut album that totally shows just what this band is capable of...
BANG - Death Of A Country (2016) CDdigi
Svart Records is set to re-release all four 1970s albums by the reunited Philadelphia-based doom m..
BANG - Music (2016) CDdigi
Svart Records is set to re-release all four 1970s albums by the reunited Philadelphia-based doom met..
BANG - S/T (2016) CDdigi
Reissue of debut Bang album! 1. Lions, Christians          2. The ..
BARON - Torpor (2015) CD
14€ 6€
BASHFUL ALLEY - It's About Time (2018) DCD
Although having only existed for a relatively short timespan (from 1980 to 1984), the band Bashful A..
BEASTIALITY - Worshippers Of Unearthly Perversions (2017) CDdigi
Although their moniker might suggest bestial metal in the mold of Beherit and other elder gods, BEAS..
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) CD
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If m..
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS - Nothing New - 10 Years Of Fresh Air Enjoyment (2015) CD
A compilation of material which was never before released on compact disc. Contains the two songs fr..
BLACKFINGER - When Colors Fade Away (2017) CD
Following his departure as longtime vocalist for Chicago doom legends Trouble in 2008, Eric Wagner p..
BLIZARO - Cornucopia Della Morte (2016) CD
John Gallo, the unsung American master of horror doom, is back with the long-awaited sophomore album..
BRETUS - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (2015) CDdigi
Bretus delivers a '70s inspired album with ideas as loud as the riffs! For fans of Saint Vitus, Blac..
BURNING SAVIOURS - Death (2018) CDdigi
This album marks the 15th anniversary of Swedish veterans BURNING SAVIOURS. As with "Nymphs & We..
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